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Internet Safety
Instructor: Marlene Boney   
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Skills to Deal V  Social Networking Marlene Boney June 19, 2013
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Cyber Bullying:  Teachers' Internet Safety Briefcase
New Web 2.0 Tools for 2013 according to:
Discovery Education http://www.discoveryeducation.com/  ISTE  https://www.iste.org/ and take a look at these Internet Safety Tools

Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.0 is about revolutionary new ways of creating, collaborating, editing and sharing user-generated content online. It's also about ease of use. There's no need to download, and teachers and students can master many of these tools in minutes. Technology has never been easier or more accessible to all.

Social Networks
                     Here are policies for Top 5 Social Networks (June 2013).                          
Facebook     Twitter      LinkedIn       MySpace   Google+      Pinterest

Links for Students
Copyright Basics for Kids
Copyright Society of USA
K-3 Netsmartz Activities
Netsmartz for Kids
4-6  Tweens Netsmartz
Resources for Students
Resource for Kids and Teens
Help for Students
Web Safety for Kids
Tips for all Age Kids

Netlingo for Students and Parents
16 of the Best Internet Sites for Kids
Links for Parents
Parent's Guide
Parents and Guardians
Parent's Zone
Parent Resource Center
Tools for Families
Help for Parents
Microsoft Resources
Family Safety
  Highlights from Marlene
Great Site for Parents and Kids
Great Site for Kids and Students
Great Site for Teachers

"Kids, parents and teachers
take a look at the above great
Examples are:  NetLingo, online safety guides, phamplets to download, browsers and monitoring tools, safe search engines, and Technology Integration for Teachers including cyber bullying and social networking.
Middle School Parent Guide-Click below to Middle School PowerPoint on Internet Safety (Handouts included)

Marlene Boney (avatar)
Go on line with your kids and find out what they are doing?  Take an interest and help them understand why some sites are inappropriate.

It is not uncommon for kids to know more about computers and what is on the Internet  than their teachers and their parents so TEACHERS and PARENTS talk to your students about the Internet.
In 2013 and 2014, it can be very difficult for kids to stay safe while interacting on FaceBook, in Game rooms,  or Blogging, Tweeting, and Texting.

  "He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, And he who has one enemy will meet him or her everywhere."
Please check out the following Technolgy Studies.
Mrs. Charles's Technology Studies Students
Cyber Awareness and Safety

Research and resources are from: Andrea, Frank, Jenna, Ben, Eric, and Robin
Internet Safety Resources
Cyberspace Familyroom Resources
 Teens and Identity Theft Protection
Media Awareness Resources
Cyber Safety
Parents Guide to Internet Safety
One Text Could Wreck it All

Cyberbullying and Bullying

Social Networks Sites and Activities

Pros for Teachers and Students using Social Networks

Teachers can more effortlessly reach out to a student in need.

Students can have Instant learning and homework support from teachers.

Teachers can create a no excuses environment.  Just because students are home doesn’t mean they can’t participate in activities that they miss.

Students like the fact that adults are connecting with them using real-world tools that students and teachers both need to know how to use effectively in order to be more successful in this electronic based world of today.

Social Networks can be a learning portal for classroom with more and more students using
portals for learning instead of just personally conversing face-to-face with others.

Social Media Encourages Collaboration Instead of Cliques
Cons for Teachers and Students Using Social Networks 

Students may have problems transitioning from face-to-face interactions with teachers to on-line interactions.

The most common place for cyber bullying to happen is on Facebook.

Once someone deletes information from Facebook, it does not disappear.

Students and teachers both have a potential for on-line stalking and/or cyberbullying and harassment.

It is very easy for a comment to be misconscrued and may cause a negative effect on potential future employment or for teachers even in their present employment.

Preconceived opinions about others prior to knowing them.

Predators abound on the sites (sexual, identity-theft, etc.).

One mistake on the Internet on a social networking site or other chat and blog places can never be deleted.

It is important to also know the risks that come with social networks and to always be wary of possible problems that may develop as a result from social networking.

         Cyber Bullying Activities

“Cyber bullying is the use of modern communication technologies to embarrass, humiliate, threaten, or intimidate an individual in the attempt to gain power and control over them.” (Glenn R. Stutzky)

Bullying is all about power, the imbalance and abuse of power.

Bullying is not a personality conflict; it’s abuse.
Teacher's Briefcase:  Cyberbullying
Teachers & Educators take note of the above webpage created by Marlene.

of the above Cyberbullying webpage.
Cyber Bullying Activities Created by Knox County Teachers

Good Cyber Bullying Sites for Students, Parents and Teachers

Face Bullying with Confidence
Bullying and Violence:  What You Need to Know
Dealing with Bullying and Cyber Bullying
Stop Cyber Bullying: Choose Your Age Things Parents Need to Know How Can Cyber Bullying Stopped or Can It?
Games to Learn about Cyber Bullying Cyber Bullying and School Bullying
Bullyng Prevention Program

Comparison of Cyber Bullying and School Bullying

Advice for Students Who are Being Cyber Bullied

Ignore them- We already mentioned this. If you reply or respond to a message from a bully, he or she will know what they did worked on you. If you respond in kind , it will just show that you are not better than the bully. So the best thing to do is to print the message, file it, and then delete it from your PC. There is a saying, Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
Contact the Service Provider- If you feel that the cyber bully has gone overboard, then you should already tell the moderator or service provider of the site about it. If cybermonsters are already faking your name or making a profile under your name without your knowledge, you can ask your service provider or moderator to remove the profile or email.
Change your Online ID -One way to get away from a cybermonsters is by changing your screen name and email address. Be sure to give the new email address and screen name only to your trusted friends. Also, block any messages from strangers or those that are not included in your contact list.
Report IT-If you receive threatening emails or if your reputation and credibility is already being undermined, then you should tell your parents and ask your parents to help you report the bullying to the school or even the police.   

Parents; Teachers; Students
Anytime an on-line class is available you must FIRST register for the class in ERO and then you must GO to the class webpage listed below and click on JOIN this fusionpage. That will send me an email that you want to be in the online class.  You should get an email that says you have been accepted. 
Local Internet Safety, Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying or Cyber-bullying
NOT OPEN at this time

State Internet Safety/Cyberbullying Rules and Regulations

NOT OPEN at this time

National Internet Safety/Cyberbullying Rules and Regulations

NOT OPEN at this time

HomePage of Local, State and National Rules and Regulations including Cyberbullying  Not a Class

Three sessions are open at this time. These are new classes and are listed above.  They are for certified personnel from Knox County Schools Knoxville, TN.  You can browse the NOT OPEN classes but please do not JOIN the class until OPEN appears on this webpage.
Ways of Reducing KIDS' Inappropriate Behavior                                             
NOT OPEN at this time
Beginning Internet Safety
NOT OPEN at this time
Sharing Internet Safety with Kids NOT OPEN at this time
Cracking Down on Cyber Bullying NOT OPEN at this time
Comparing Social Networks NOT OPEN at this time
Qualities of a Good Website NOT OPEN at this time
What Educators Need to Know about Cyberbullying  NOT OPEN at this time
What Educators Need to Know about Social Networks  NOT OPEN at this time
What Educators Need to Teach Kids about Cyber bullying and Social Networking NOT OPEN at this time

Note to PARENTS-How can you help How can your kids with Internet Safety?
The best thing you as the parent can do is keep the lines of communication open with your kids, so you know what they're doing online – and so they'll feel comfortable coming to you if they get into trouble. Discuss the Internet with your child-no matter what age-and set up some Internet Safety Rules.

Technology Resources for the Administrator

Below are activities that were shared at TETC, Nashville.
 Internet Safety PowerPoint Presentations: .zip files

Handouts and Internet Safety Videos from Netsmartz     
Packet of Internet Safety Handouts  
Download How to Get Free Internet Safety Videos

SAMPLE Videos from Netsmartz: Click on a picture & then double click to play. 
        Router K-5   
Amy's Choice 6-12 

Look at Most POPULAR    Downloads for 2013-2014.
Popular Download Requests 2013-2014
Internet Safety Tips from KIPA 2013-2014

Internet Safety Tips from  KIPA   (Keeping Internet Predators Away)
KIPA Tip:  Use good Netiquette at all times while on the Internet-“Netiquette” is slang for“Internet etiquette”. It refers to using proper manners when on the Internet.

Popular Links for Administrators & TAG (Talented and Gifted)

Requested Downloadsfrom Knox County Staff 2010-2011 2011-2012
PowerPoint Presentations
Cyber Bullying  (zip file)      Internet Safety for Parents
Stories Online- Safe Website for Students
Tumblebooks Knox County Library  On the left side of the website, click on Kids' Library.  Click on Tumblebooks.
Storyline Online-Books read by Actors or Actresses
Using Text Online to Discuss Internet Safety
Doing Text Link
Knox County AUP Info and Form
Internet Safety AUP (download as PDF)  AUP Form (download as PDF) 
Surf the Net Song and Words
Words to Surf the Net 
(Word Document)
Surf the Net Song 
Online Lingo   
Online Lingo (Appropriate Chat Abbreviations)
Download Free Resources, Apps and More
Download Page

Favorite Link for Kids

Internet Safety Rules to Always Obey
Students, please observe the following Internet safety rules at all times.
Do not give out your personal information on the Internet: name, address, school you attend or your telephone number.

NEVER agree to meet with someone you meet online.   
Talk to your parents about anything online that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you consider is mean.      

Blogs and Wikis

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WikiInternet Safety Wiki: Welcome to Marlene Boneys Wiki on Internet SafetyPosted: Sunday, September 1, 2013 at 8:00 AM
Enter the Wiki discussion and add Internet Safety ideas for the classroom. Also feel free to add other information that you think would help students better understand the importance of being Internet safe.

WikiInternet Safety Wiki: What Makes an Unsafe Environment?Posted: Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 8:00 AM
Find the steps that are used to minimize the risks students face as they surf the Internet. A great website to help with this wiki is http://www.literacymatters.org/content/research/ensure.htm. Copy and paste it in the location for URL but first go to file and choose New Window so this window is kept open.
Blogs: Discussion Topics
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Internet Safety by Marlene Boney
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